Meet Cliff and Shanequa Stafford


Our values

The core of our business is rooted in the scripture verse Luke 14:28. Their desire is to merge Kingdom principles with the marketplace and change the trajectory of the hopeless to the hopeful and the penniless to the plentiful.

Our mission

Count the Cost is determined to provide intentional financial literacy to a minimum of 1,000 individuals and families through changing lives, while changing behaviors, in order to change generation. 

Our vision

CTC is committed to serve all persons with the heart of a teacher, while establishing hope in order to shift lives into success.

Cliff and Shanequa Stafford humbly serve as the CEO and COO of Count the Cost, LLC. They have been for married for 8 years and view their marriage as a ministry. Their focus is to change lives through providing hope in the areas of finances, family structure and in faith.

In 2020, God led Cliff and Shanequa to officially launch their financial coaching business in spite of the global pandemic that resulted in many lives being negatively affected by financial strain and difficulty. 

It was during this time, Cliff and Shanequa felt a deep burden to begin to reshape the face of hope for many families through their message of Leading a Legacy. Meanwhile, they launched a weekly podcast titled “The Kingdom Blueprint” (where they focus on building UPON the Kingdom through finances and family). They both give total credit and glory to God for the great things that He has done.

Cliff and Shanequa are both licensed ministers under the leadership or Bishop Jerome Stokes (Senior Pastor of Church of the Redeemed of the Lord in Baltimore, MD) at The Church of the Redeemed of the Lord.

The core of their business is rooted in the scripture verse Luke 14:28. Their desire is to merge Kingdom principles with the marketplace and change the trajectory of the hopeless to the hopeful and the penniless to the plentiful.


Clifton Stafford


Clifton Stafford is the Founder and CEO of Count the Cost, LLC. He believes his thrilling passion to see others discover the powerful transformation from hope to achievement is the core of his financial training and consulting business. Clifton possesses a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Telecommunications and a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management. He is a loan broker that partners with entrepreneurs to provide business capital that helps them with growing and scaling their businesses.

While he is not a financial advisor, he fulfills the  duties of a coach to support, encourage, and lead clients into behavioral changes.

Attention to detail, active listening skills, and sincere empathy are symbols of his appreciation by his clients. He is effectively supported by a Chief Operating Officer whose commitment to ministering to the needs of others is imperative in serving current clients and the development of a new client base.

Clifton is happily married to his lovely wife Shanequa.  Away from the business, he enjoys reading, bowling, watching movies and spending time with family and friends.

Shanequa Stafford


Shanequa Stafford is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Count the Cost, LLC. She believes that her passion for unity and teaching others is monumental in seeing the lives of others change in a positive manner. Shanequa is continuously pursuing higher education as she endeavors to be a lifelong student.

Shanequa has experience in multiple business functions such as: Administration, Payroll, Bookkeeping, and Business Operations. She finds extreme pleasure in using her gift of administration to align organizations in a manner that flow fluently and effectively.

As the Chief Operating Officer, Shanequa dedicates her time to ensure that each customer is met with a personable experience that supersedes expectations. She is committed to executing daily business functions such as: evaluate customer reviews, implement strategies for best business practices, and promoting the company’s culture, vision, and mission.

Shanequa is happily married to her husband Clifton. Away from the business, she enjoys traveling, watching movies, taking walks, and spending time with family and friends.